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The key to defining muscle tissue is progressive strength training.  With this technique you are challenging your muscles to work harder each time.  For brides to be I use a form of training called “blasting” where you are trying to really shock the muscles into making large improvements in a short period of time.  Normally you would train a muscle group twice a week at a moderate to hard intensity level.  When you are trying to “blast” a specific muscle you train it more often, perform more sets and with higher intensity.  Often the weight training progressions also incorporate slow momentum, isometrics, pulses and plyometrics.  Continuous advancement in weights used in the “Fit-to-be-a-Bride” training program is only applied for several weeks prior to the wedding.  Noticeable improvement comes from the application of progressive overload.  It ensures the quantity of stress needed for the body to justify muscle adaptability, or definite changes.  The commitment to these advances has succeeded in creating visible lean muscles for all my client brides.

The beauty of brides to be is their determination to reach their ultimate goal. Most brides to be start the fitness program by being serious about their weight training. Many progress in three to six months from 8 to 25 pounds in a shoulder press. They are proud of their new found strength and know their body is changing weekly. Many of them call it “bride adrenalin.” The second wave of motivation hits brides to be when their clothes fit differently or when they change a dress size. Then they begin to increase the number of days they do cardio, the length of time they do cardio, and the level of intensity of their cardio. Nutritional eating finally kicks in when they realize the value of their investment and the time left to reach their final fitness destination.