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  • Weight training with progressive resistance
  • A final 2-4 week training program focused on pushing the envelope
  • Intensive cardio programs
  • A great deal of commitment, passion, motivation
  • Strategies for Healthy Living

  • In-home or condo facility
  • Club training
  • Studio training at:
    Energy Training Center (ETC)
    900 N. North Branch St.
    Chicago, IL 60642
    (2 blocks south of Division off Halsted St.)
I encourage a 3-Month Fitness Plan individually designed to meet your personal goals. You will increase your metabolism, define your upper back, shoulders and arms, gain lean muscle mass, lose body fat, and feel energized. With the program I design, you will successfully reach your goal and be in the best shape of your life… Just in time for the wedding! You’ve said “yes.” Now, the countdown to the big day – and your debute in a wedding dress – begins. Most fitness pros agree that the safest route to achieving a buff bridal body is to start training a year to six months before your wedding date (or at least three months if you’re waiting till the last minute). In this time, I will provide you with strength training to firm up flab and cardio programs to create a leaner silhouette. A growing trend in gowns is a barely-there back. Cardio plus sculpting is the recipe for banishing back flab. The key is to combine strength moves that target key back muscles such as the latissmus dorsi, the trapezius and the rhomboids, with fat-burning cardio moves to reduce the body fat surrounding the muscles. Get ready to strut down the aisle with your best back ever! In an ideal world, you can safely lose 6lbs per month. The amount of time you need really depends on how much weight you want to lose and how much toning you want to do. If you’d like to drop 10lbs, you need at least 10 weeks. If you need to lose as much as 30lbs, think smart and start 6 months before the wedding.